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The Bulk Ingredient Network for the Natural Food Industry

It’s our mission to help you navigate the world of high-quality bulk food ingredients, so you can produce and market products you are passionate about.

This podcast is where we share everything we know about bulk ingredients. You’ll hear a wide range of industry feature stories, commodity market news, and expert insights into bulk nuts, seeds & grains, coconut products, dried fruits and much more. Each episode will include Smirk’s own Industry Market Report, one of the resources our current clients depend on. It's the latest natural foods industry news compiled by Smirk’s commodity buying experts. You will know the key takeaways for the bulk items your company relies on.

We’ll also will go deep into specific ingredients with our product category experts sharing origin info, applications, specs, and new product innovation ideas. You’ll hear the natural products industry stories of our growers direct from their locales around the world. There are amazing people in these communities and our relationships make it possible to source the best ingredients for you. You can count on us to provide boots on the ground information from our grower and processor relationships that you won’t find anywhere else in the industry.

pets for pet food ingredients episode

Animal & Pet Food Bulk Product Ingredients & Industry Trends

June 14, 2024

On episode 12 of “Get the Scoop with Smirks,” hosts Zach Schwint and Garrett McBride dive into the evolving landscape of the pet food industry. Fresh from their debut at the Pet Food Forum in Kansas City, they discuss current trends, ingredient innovations, and future directions for the industry. They also highlight the various bulk…

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Expo West 2024 Recap & Product Focus: Gluten Free Bakery Ingredients

April 22, 2024

The Smirk’s team is breaking down Expo West, the largest natural and organic products trade show in the US. It happens every March in Anaheim and this year Smirk’s had 11 people attending to see what’s new and connect with some of the 65,000 people who attend. Jessica Warden and Zach Schwindt join Garrett McBride…

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Unveiling the World of Organic: Featuring the Organic Trade Association

February 12, 2024

In the latest episode of “Get the Scoop with Smirk’s,” hosts Elisa Louis and Donny Edson dive into the dynamic world of organics with the Organic Trade Association’s (OTA) experts, Adrienne Messe and Scott Rice. The podcast covers key topics including regulatory updates, insights from the OTA’s member survey and Nielsen data, and valuable resources…

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Vanilla History, Origins, Applications & Trends

November 28, 2023

Host Nick Erker shares the captivating history and origins of vanilla. Discover the incredible journey of this aromatic spice from its discovery in Mexico, and its commercial production in Madagascar, to its status as the world’s most popular ice cream flavor! As we explore the global vanilla market valued at $1.43 billion, we’ll uncover the…

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Pumpkin Seed Market Trends with Gino Hartounian

November 10, 2023

Elisa Louis and Donny Edson are talking with Gino Hartounian of Mixed Nuts Inc. They are diving into the world of pumpkin seeds. What started as a simple partnership with Smirk’s, exploring mixed nuts and sunflower seeds took an unexpected turn. Gino’s connection with Smirk’s led to the discovery of a hidden gem: pumpkin seeds.…

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Chia Seeds & Plant-Based Protein Powders Trends with Tom Merrow from Onset Worldwide

September 25, 2023

Elisa Louis and Donny Edson are talking with Tom Merrow, the owner of Onset Worldwide. His career in the food industry was kickstarted by an opportunistic meeting during his stint as a freight forwarder in Boston. Tom quickly evolved a curiosity for the import-export dynamics into a thriving business, Onset Worldwide. Alongside his wife Sarah,…

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Coconut products for soap and cosmetics

Bulk Ingredients for Soap and Cosmetics with Soap Creek

August 28, 2023

Today’s episode is hosted by Jason Strauch and Garrett McBride. A growing part of Smirk’s business is in the natural and organic soap and cosmetic industry. Just like the with the natural foods business, they supply organic and natural bulk ingredients for soap and cosmetics as well.  To highlight the industry, they’ve invited Fred and…

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Get the Scoop With Smirks Episode 5 cover art

The Best Bulk Ingredients for Snacks and Trail Mix

July 26, 2023

Many snack brands face a familiar problem: finding the best bulk ingredients for trail mix products that truly resonate with consumers and offer something different. With so many options out there, it can be challenging to differentiate yourself from the competition and capture the attention of your target audience. Here’s what you’ll learn about the…

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Episode 4 National Coconut Day artwork

National Coconut Day: Coconut Origins and Products

June 26, 2023

Nick starts today’s episode by reminding us that June 26 is National Coconut Day which inspired this topic.  National Coconut Day started in 2019 thanks to our friends at the Coconut Coalition of the Americas. The recognition is well deserved too. Coconut is an incredibly versatile and diverse crop. We’re going to focus on the…

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Get The Scoop With Smirks-Ep3 artwork

Trends from Expo West, Product Focus: Coconut and Smirk’s Market Report

May 16, 2023

Nick is starting the show today talking about Expo West. It’s the largest natural products expo and this year it was in Anaheim in March. Over 65,000 people attended, and 3000 companies were there to see what’s new in natural foods.  Donny shares his insights and felt like it was a perfect size. It was…

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