National Coconut Day: Coconut Origins and Products

Nick starts today’s episode by reminding us that June 26 is National Coconut Day which inspired this topic. 

National Coconut Day started in 2019 thanks to our friends at the Coconut Coalition of the Americas. The recognition is well deserved too. Coconut is an incredibly versatile and diverse crop. We’re going to focus on the origins and the major product categories. 

In this episode, Nick and Donny will introduce you to the versatile and sustainable crop of coconuts and how it can be used in various industries. With its countless applications, you’ll be able to create more versatile and sustainable products that align with your values.

With innovation and creativity, the possibilities are endless with coconut. Let’s push boundaries and create products that excite and inspire. – Donny Edson

Donny has dedicated his career to exploring the endless possibilities of the coconut crop. Having traveled the globe to witness firsthand how coconuts are grown, harvested, and processed, he brings a wealth of information about the versatility and sustainability of this incredible natural resource. 

With a passion for promoting the development of new and innovative uses for coconut-based products, he’s on a mission to inspire food industry entrepreneurs to consider the immense potential of this wonder fruit.

Donny shares how he became just an advocate for coconut products and their manufacturers. Hear how he and Nick embarked on an unexpected journey into the world of coconuts when they attended a trip organized by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Visiting suppliers in the Philippines, they found themselves captivated by the industry and its numerous applications. 

The humble coconut, often thought of as just a tropical fruit, revealed itself to be an incredibly versatile crop, utilized in a myriad of products and industries. Smirks began importing coconuts and exploring the vast potential of this natural wonder. From beverages to bakery applications, coconuts continue to play a significant role in Smirk’s business ventures, proving that the possibilities for this tropical treasure are as diverse as the fruit itself.

Key topics covered in this episode:

  • Keep up with the current market trends encompassing coconut, pumpkin seed, and more nutritious superfoods.
  • Unravel the countless applications of coconut as an agricultural wonder crop.
  • Find out about desiccated coconut’s production process and how it enhances bakery and confectionery items.
  • See why relying on multiple origins when importing coconuts contributes to supply chain resilience.

Coconut Product Trends and Innovation

As research and development continue to uncover new coconut applications, food industry entrepreneurs have an opportunity to ride this wave of innovation by incorporating coconut into their product offerings. The emergence of coconut-derived products like coconut water, coconut sugar, and coconut aminos has led to an increased demand for this versatile, sustainable ingredient across various markets. 

In their discussion, Donny and Nick explore the growing popularity of coconut and how businesses can capitalize on this trend. They mention how coconut cream and milk are being used in ice creams and yogurts, while coconut milk powder has seen a significant increase in demand for coffee creamers, oatmeal cups, protein drinks, and shakes. 

A surprising and growing use is in the cosmetics and skincare industry. There is a growing demand for coconut products in this industry. With the steady rise of coconut’s popularity, entrepreneurs should not miss the chance to incorporate this versatile ingredient into their product line.

Smirk’s June 2023 Market Report  [19:47]

  • Ocean freight and ports are smooth sailing. 
  • Warehousing is trending to more just in time. Older stocks are catching up and there’s warehouse space available, but prices are up for warehouse space. 
  • Due to carrying and storage costs, suppliers are keeping inventory levels low so planning ahead for your product requirements is recommended.
  • Overall it’s a buyers’ market. Hear details on the specifics for almonds, cashews, sunflower, and coconut. 
  • One area of concern is coconut sugar. Supplies are a bit behind and inventories in the US are going to be tight for a bit. 
  • We’ve been watching the chia crop. Early concerns have been mitigated by a bit by an earlier than expected harvest. Supplies are tight and won’t likely change until October here in the US. 
  • Pumpkin seeds carryover is strong, and we may see some price relief with the new crop. Demand is lower in the US and Europe. 
  • Macadamia nuts are lower than we’ve seen. There’s never been a better time to use this great quality product. 
  • Brazil nuts are firming up. 
  • Bananas and mangos are going up and we’re keeping a watch on pricing trends. 
  • Pineapple is also increasing and we’ve brought in a new supplier so give us better pricing options. 
  • Oat prices are holding. It’s a good time to buy or book your gluten-free oats. 

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